I am a Part II architectural assistant and graduate from the University of Edinburgh.

I have a keen interest in the processes of architectural design, particularly:
- the materiality of architecture
- collaborative practices between professions
- emergent technologies
- the nature of place, globalisation and touristic experience
- architectural education

I am fortunate to have had excellent diversity of working experience in a number of aspects of business. In addition to my professional and academic experience, I was employed throughout my MA and MArch degrees and have a focused, organised and committed work ethic.

I have been involved with charitable projects for causes such as Barnardo's, Bike and Build, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Cancer Research. I have enjoyed working with local musicians and bands to promote and develop live music events in Edinburgh, an initiative which has had great success and continues to develop.

I am passionate about the processes of design and making, sketching and composing; I have enjoyed putting my skills to successful use as a freelance designer throughout 2011 and feel these skills are invaluable in my present architectural employment. I continue to study French as a hobby and intend to learn another language in the future to broaden my working horizons. In my spare time, I enjoy live music, running, photography, cinema and sport.